Ep 166-Aldo Shllaku on Investing in Yourself

Ep 166-Aldo Shllaku on Investing in Yourself

Aldo Shllaku has composed music for many feature films, documentaries, and TV programs. His music can be heard in films such as Lupin III, Paranormal Asylum, The Blue Hour and On a Dark and Stormy Night. Shllaku’s music scores have received the Gold Medal for Excellence at the Park City Film Music Festival for Pirate for the Sea, Still Water, Trespassing, A Kiss on the Nose, and Paperboat.


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Film and TV composer Aldo Shllaku shares why we need to invest in ourselves first, master our craft, and be pro-active in creating opportunities.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Albania to Greece to Canada to the USA
  • Traditional Russian music education
  • First music job
  • Transcribing everything
  • Encountering 20th-Century music for the first time
  • Getting an assistantship that turned into a job
  • Film music is not about you
  • Invest in yourself
    • Best education
    • Best gear/technology
  • Master your craft
  • Be pro-active in creating opportunities
  • Networking by adding value
  • Producing films
  • Approach each project from the bottom up like a producer (music is the ceiling)


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