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The Portfolio Composer is supported by Dorico, the new professional music notation and composition software from Steinberg. Dorico has been designed from the ground up to be a flexible and powerful tool, whether you’re a composer or arranger, a teacher or student, working in music engraving and publishing, or working in producing music for media such as film, TV, and games. Compared to other scoring programs, Dorico is fast, fluid, and efficient; designed for comfortable use on a laptop on the go but seamlessly scaling up to working on multiple, large displays in the studio, it has a beautiful, modern and uncluttered user interface that allows you to focus on your music. Dorico also embraces the traditions of the finest printed music, and produces pages of such balance and proportion by default, you’ll be amazed. You can bring music into Dorico from your existing software using MusicXML or MIDI, and you can try Dorico out completely free of charge for 30 days by downloading a trial version from www.dorico.com/tpc. Try it today, and experience the future of scoring for yourself.

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