“Simply put, a coach will help you stoke your success. How much is that worth to you?”

Here’s What Happens When You Hire A Coach

“A coach may be the guardian angel you need to rev up your career.”
—Money Magazine

When you hire me as your coach you can expect to see the following results:

  • Increased creativity
  • A stronger network of conductors, performers, and composers
  • More commissions
  • More score sales
  • Understanding your audience
  • Better control of your finances
  • Growth as a composer
  • Career satisfaction
  • Better systems to aid in composing and to run your business
  • Understanding of your strengths and weaknesses
  • Earning more money from composing

What I Will Do For You

“A good coach can ask you questions that you wouldn’t think to ask yourself and no one else would dare ask.”

As a composer I know first hand the difficulty and joy in building a successful career as a composer. I know what it’s like to face an endless flow of competition and publisher rejections. Just like you, I experience the fear, doubt, and joy of composing music.

I can help you face and work through the problems unique to our field.

I can also help you with and provide the following:

  • Getting unstuck—Are you stuck in The Dip and having difficulty pushing through? Need an extra push to finish (or start) a big project?
  • Setting up your business—Clarity and assistance in helping you set up your professional composition career as a business.
  • Increased self-awareness—Knowing who you are and why you do the things you do is the first step towards growth.
  • Increased focus—We will find and eliminate the distractions in your life.
  • Honest & objective feedback—As your coach I will act as a sounding board for your ideas, thoughts, and questions.
  • Push back against your excuses—I won’t let you get away with the excuses that are keeping you from taking action.
  • Non-judgmental listening—You can say anything to me and I won’t hold it against you. Sometimes you just have to get it off your chest.
  • Goal setting and map making—What is it, really, that you want to accomplish? We will explore and find your desires and create a map and plan to get you there.
  • Networking Ability—We can work on the skills necessary to build your network of conductors, performers, and composers.
  • Marketing Plan—How are you going to tell the world about you and your music? Let’s make a plan and execute it.
  • Confidentiality—What we say in our coaching sessions stays in our coaching sessions.
  • Accountability—I will hold your feet to the fire to help you accomplish your goals.
  • Reveal your blind spots—No one is perfect and we all need someone who will help us see the areas of our personality and actions that may be hindering your growth.
  • Personal development—I will help you experience growth in all areas of your life, not just professionally.
  • Confidence—I can help you become unstoppable.
  • Integrity—I will always be honest with you and hold myself to highest level of integrity possible. I will also help you become a person of integrity.
  • Improved mindset—How you think about yourself, your work, and your resources affects everything.

My Guarantee

“Like a personal trainer who assesses both your core strength and your willingness to make changes physically, the idea is to find either your strengths or your business-running weaknesses, fear zones and gaps, counseling you to form new habits, free yourself from funks and propel your career in ways you never thought possible.”

Being a composer is tough. Most composers have little resources to invest. My fees for coaching are an investment in yourself and in your business. Through coaching you will see a tremendous return on investment.

You have zero risk in hiring me for private coaching. I am confident I can empower you to achieve your goals and become a successful composer. Therefore I offer a 100% money back guarantee. If at any time you don’t believe that my services are delivering the value and ROI you are looking for, I will return your investment in full.

Lastly, it is important for you to realize that I reserve the right to end our coaching relationship if I feel that you are not putting in the work and making progress. I believe deeply in helping composers become successful and my time is limited.

I want to see composers make real and meaningful change and growth in their personal and professional lives. If you are not doing the work you are wasting my time and your money so I’ll give you back your money and we can part ways. You really have nothing to lose.

Are You Ready To Achieve Success?

“Coaches generally focus on one thing: improving your performance…. A good coach will make sure you meet your commitments, behave like a grownup, and otherwise stay out of your own way—things nearly all of us can use a little help with.”

I am available to work with composers one-on-one, typically once a week for 60 minutes. My goal as your coach is to help you build the tools and skills necessary to achieve your goals so it’s not necessary for coaching to go on indefinitely. In fact, I wouldn’t want that and it wouldn’t set you up for success. To that end I typically work with clients from as little as a single session to as much as 12 sessions. For the greatest change in your life I recommend investing in at least three months of coaching.

My time is very limited so I am only able to take on a small number of clients at once for one-on-one coaching. If you are interested in private coaching email me through the contact page to set up a free 30 minute consultation to see if I’d be a good fit for you.