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Complimentary Coaching Consultation

Are you ready to get focus, clarity, and a plan for your composing career?

Are you ready and willing to do the work to make that change happen?

My ideal clients typically:

  • Have high integrity
  • Are committed to do what it takes to achieve their coaching goals
  • Take ownership for the coaching process
  • Enjoy the process of growth and development
  • Know that true success is an inside-out job, and recognize that they will need to change to get better results

If this describes you, I know I can make a huge difference in helping you to create the career you want to have. I’m currently accepting applications for new clients and in our free coaching consultation we’ll talk about what you hope to get out of coaching and how we might work together.

By filling out the form below I assume you are serious about pursuing coaching.

All information submitted will be kept confidential and will not be shared.