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The Portfolio Composer exists because Garrett wants to share what he knows and what he’s learning on his journey to making writing music the largest income-producing activity in his portfolio. The podcast and platform exist for you.


And now thanks to Patreon it also exists because of you.


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Members of The Portfolio Composer community are supporting the podcast as a monthly donation through Patreon. It’s simply amazing and Garrett is eternally grateful.

The TPC community that supports the podcast through Patreon help cover the cost of running the show (web hosting, RSS hosting, email client, and more) and also makes the creation of more content that will help you as you build your career as a composer (Garrett has plans to offer transcriptions of the episodes, more blog posts, more courses, webinars, live events, and more).

If you get any value at all out of The Portfolio Composer and if you want to join the community of listeners supporting the show and making new things possible, please consider giving $1/month through Patreon. You can learn more at:

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I want to thank you, Garrett, for providing the path to so many insights and connections. Your podcasts are a rich masterclass in how to be a more PROFESSIONAL composer! Keep it up; I’m proud to be a patron to such great work!

Arthur Breur, Composer


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