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The Portfolio Composer

About The Portfolio Composer

Writing music is hard work.  Every day composers struggle against procrastination, doubt, fear, and the blank page. Many composers, due to the nature of their creative work, don’t recognize the need to develop skills in business, networking, selling, and promotion. Composers are actually small-business owners selling the fruit of their craft. More than that, composers are in the business of having to be creative every day.

As a composer and a teacher I have personally struggled with these issues and have seen them in my colleagues, peers, and students. Because of that I started The Portfolio Composer podcast and coaching to help composers achieve their goals and thrive in the art of composing. The podcasts do this through interviews with composers, performers, and creatives. The interviews are masterclasses on building a career in composition and achieving success as a composer. Each interview is unique and highlights just one of the many paths a career in composition can take. My goal is to help composers become the composers they have always dreamed of being. Through coaching I can provide individualized help for composers so they can see the success they’ve always dreamed of.

Why am I doing this? I’m doing this because I, too, am on a journey to take my composing career to the highest level possible. And because I am a teacher at heart I want to help you on your journey, too. I’ve learned that if you want to accomplish great things you first need to have great teachers who will share what it takes. Therefore The Portfolio Composer seeks out composers, industry experts, and anyone else who is at the top of their game and who can provide insight into what it takes and what one has to do.

The best part about The Portfolio Composer is that all of the podcasts are available for free! That’s right. I am providing you access to the greatest creative & compositional minds on the planet through the podcast for no expense.

So what can you do and what’s available for you on this website?

  • First, subscribe to the free Portfolio Composer podcast through iTunes, the iOS Podcasts app, or Stitcher. The podcast is the primary way I share with the world how to thrive as a composer.
  • Second, subscribe to The Portfolio Composer newsletter where I deliver a ton of great content on a regular basis that is not shared on the podcast. Again this is free. Subscribe here.
  • Third, if you find the podcast to be of value log into iTunes and rate the show. The more 5-star reviews TPC receives the easier it is for other composers to find the show.
  • Fourth, on this website you can listen to the podcasts, view the show notes, and read blog posts that you can use on your journey to building your composing career.
  • Fifth, if you are truly committed to elevating your game consider participating in career and personal coaching from yours truly.
  • Lastly, share what you are learning through The Portfolio Composer with your network of composers and performers! A rising tide elevates all ships.

About Garrett Hope

GarrettGarrett Hope was born into a family that valued and practiced music daily. His mother was a primary school music teacher and children’s choir director. As a result Garrett has been performing on stages of various sizes and in front many different audiences since he was toddler. Garrett studied piano, clarinet, guitar, and bass as he was growing up.

Though he tinkered with sequencing and song writing it wasn’t until he began studying composition at Colorado Christian University that he found his musical passion—composition. Uncovering this passion led to the completion of graduate degrees from the University of Northern Colorado (MM) and the University of Nebraska–Lincoln (DMA) where he also discovered his other great passion and purpose in life—teaching.

Garrett has taught composition, music theory, music technology, and ear training as adjunct faculty at several institutions, including a position as a Visiting Assistant Professor in Pennsylvania. Returning to Lincoln after teaching in PA has allowed Garrett to focus on composing new music for ensembles of all styles and genres, to teach guitar, bass, composition, and theory, and to help composers around the world thrive in their art. He is a certified life coach. As a composer he loves working with dancers, artists, scientists, film makers, and music teachers. As a certified piano technician Garrett also owns and runs the Nebraska Tuning Company, LLC, Lincoln’s premiere piano tuning company. You can check out his music on his website www.garretthope.com.