Ep 126-Thomas Goss on Orchestration Online

Ep 126-Thomas Goss on Orchestration Online

Thomas Goss is a professional composer and orchestrator, presenter, internet educator, and caretaker of the community Orchestration Online on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

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Composer and orchestrator Thomas Goss, who founded the Orchestration Online communities, discusses his online community and learning orchestration.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Composing life is like being a sous chef
  • Music is cooperative & collaborative
  • What does it take to do something?
  • Teaching is performing
  • Orchestration Online
  • YouTube.com
  • Peter Alexander
  • Moving the art orchestration forward by sharing
  • Building community online
  • Patreon.com
  • The Orchestration Online Patreon page (Go donate and join the community! Seriously. I’ve done it.)
  • Common orchestration mistakes
  • 15-second harp (YouTube)
  • Becoming an accidental authority
  • Getting work due to having an internet presence
  • Inspiring others

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