Ep 127-Scott Tegge on Understanding & Engaging Your Audience

Ep 127-Scott Tegge on Understanding & Engaging Your Audience

Scott Tegge is co-founder and tubist of Gaudete Brass Quintet, a group dedicated to commissioning original brass music. Their latest album, sevenfive – The John Corigliano Effect, features 5 new works by Corigliano’s protégés, commissioned in honor of his 75th birthday celebration. Scott teaches at six universities in the Chicago area and maintains a large private studio. He is also a frequent guest lecturer on career development, entrepreneurship, and building successful teaching studios.

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Tubist and entrepreneur Scott Tegge of the Gaudete Brass Quintet discusses the importance of knowing who your audience is and engaging them on a deep and meaningful level, and what real collaboration looks like between an ensemble and a composer.

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