Winner of the ABA Ostwald award and three-time winner of the NBA Revelli Award, Steven Bryant’s music for wind ensemble has reshaped the genre. A prolific composer, his substantial catalogue of music is regularly performed throughout the world. Recently, his Ecstatic Waters was premiered by the Minnesota Orchestra to unanimous, rapturous acclaim.

“His compositional virtuosity is evident in every bar.” – John Corigliano

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In this episode Steven discusses the benefits of launching a career through a niche ensemble and more!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Launching a career through a niche ensemble
  • John Corigliano
  • Transitioning to full-time composing
  • Being budget savvy
  • Following your love
  • Following up with contacts and building your network
  • Christopher Rouse
  • Being persistent
  • Taking action
  • Hearing live music
  • Wind band as a niche
  • Eric Whitacre
  • Writing for band
  • Breaking pre-conceived ideas for ensembles
  • Writing music outside the player’s comfort zone
  • Benefits of niche writing
  • Spending other people’s money
  • The work of pre-composing
  • Pacing the music
  • Money & debt


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