Ep 161-Jennifer Rosenfeld on Coro

Ep 161-Jennifer Rosenfeld on Coro

Jennifer Rosenfeld, CEO of iCadenza and President & Principal Manager of Cadenza Artists, has extensive experience working with musicians of all genres on identifying and pursuing their professional goals and overcoming obstacles that come up along the way. She received a JD/MBA from Stanford Law School and Graduate School of Business. And she co-authored the book Awakening Your Business Brain: An iCadenza Guide to Launching your Music Career.


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Musician, entrepreneur, and career coach Jennifer Rosenfeld discusses Coro by iCadenza, an online career development platform for musicians.

Jennifer was previously featured in Ep 74 with her business partner Julia Torgovitskaya.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • iCadenza
  • Julia Torgovitskaya
  • Negative messages
  • Wealth building & money
  • Coro by iCadenza
  • Three things musicians need to do:
    • Learn new skills
    • Network
    • Hire coaches
  • You need more than a manager
  • Career momentum
  • The value of coaching

Jennifer’s Weekly Planning Exercise:


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