Ep 160-Ronit Kirchman on Getting Experience

Ep 160-Ronit Kirchman on Getting Experience

Ronit Kirchman is a composer, music producer, songwriter, singer, and multi-instrumentalist based in Los Angeles. She composes music for film and television, theater and dance, multimedia installations, and the concert stage. She is also an accomplished visual artist and author. She is the first composer to have received the prestigious Sundance/Time Warner Fellowship. Ronit is currently scoring the riveting new dramatic series The Sinner, premieres Aug. 2 on USA Network.

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Composer Ronit Kirchman discusses the importance of getting experience, dealing with the busy-ness, and being project focused.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Managing the busy-ness
  • The Sinner
  • Being project focused
  • Prioritizing your projects
  • Fortuitous accidents
  • Composing as performance
  • All the business things
  • Get a lot of experience
  • Understand that there are many paths
  • Following the breadcrumbs of success
  • Identifying a niche


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