Ep 156-Tree Adams on Making it Personal

Ep 156-Tree Adams on Making it Personal

Whether he’s captivating an audience as a panelist at WonderCon or engaging ‘The 100’ (CW) fandom in weekly live tweets or Reddit AMAs, composer Tree Adams blends his passion for the art of storytelling with his ability to create ground-breaking genre scores for film and TV. Over the past 20 years, Tree has had the opportunity to collaborate with great talent in diverse styles.

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Composer Tree Adams discusses making your marketing personal, writing for the characters, and matching the tone of the story.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Storytelling through music
  • Listening to the characters
  • Misinterpreting the scene
  • Matching the tone to the movie
  • Having an opinion
  • Hitting the story on the nose
  • Getting gigs
  • Having a team (even of two)
  • Putting together a professional looking package
  • Making it personal
  • Make it easy for them to hear your music
  • Specializing
  • Get an assistant


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