Ep 155-Sarah Hamilton of Ditto Music on Digital Distribution

Ep 155-Sarah Hamilton of Ditto Music on Digital Distribution

Sarah Hamilton is a music-lover, and specializes in digital distribution and strategy. Ditto Music is an international music company with 8 international offices and is headquartered in Liverpool, UK. Working with over 150 000 artists and labels, Ditto is committed to helping artists and labels expand their reach online by offering digital distribution, record label services, unique service ‘record label in a box’ to assist in the setup and management of record labels, and digital consulting services.

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Digital distribution and marketing specialist Sarah Hamilton of Ditto Music shares how digital distribution works and the revenue possibilities of getting on Spotify playlists.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Ditto Music
  • Record label in a box
  • Streaming
  • Spotify
  • Supporting artists & composers
  • Digital aggregators
  • Rising above the clutter
  • Finding your audience
  • Spotify audiences
  • Meta data for concert music
  • Building a direct relationship with your fans
  • Starting a label
  • Don’t be afraid of streaming platforms
  • Use the data
  • Ask for opportunities


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