Ep 144-Jocelyn Hagen & Timothy Takach of Graphite Publishing on Becoming a Professional

Ep 144-Jocelyn Hagen & Timothy Takach of Graphite Publishing on Becoming a Professional

Jocelyn HagenJocelyn Hagen composes music that has been described as “simply magical” (Fanfare Magazine) and “dramatic and deeply moving” (Star Tribune, Minneapolis/St. Paul). Her first forays into composition were via songwriting, and this is very evident in her work. The majority of her compositional output is for the voice: solo, chamber and choral. In 2006 she co-founded Graphite Publishing with fellow composer Timothy C. Takach.

Timothy TakachTimothy C. Takach has been commissioned by The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra, the St. Olaf Band, VocalEssence, and Lorelei Ensemble among others, and his music has been performed on A Prairie Home Companion and The Boston Pops holiday tour, and at venues including Alice Tully Hall and Kennedy Center. He is a co-creator of the theatrical production of All is Calm: the Christmas Truce of 1914, a co-founder of the ensemble Cantus and Graphite Publishing.

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Composers and entrepreneurs Jocelyn Hagen and Timothy Takach discuss Graphite Publishing, marketing, and becoming a professional.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Life balance
  • Being married to a composer
  • Competition
  • Becoming a professional
  • Knowing you’ve made it
  • Taking the leap of faith into composition
  • Telling people what you want to do
  • Stacking work in the pipeline
  • Graphite Publishing
  • Seeing a problem & solving it
  • Not being a vanity press
  • Publishing
  • Marketing your music
  • Making the music look presentable
  • Making it easy for the conductor and performer
  • Brand
  • Conferences
  • Direct marketing
  • The reason why
  • Music is a service


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