Ep 143-Andrew Ousley of Unison Media on PR for the Composer

Ep 143-Andrew Ousley of Unison Media on PR for the Composer

With more than a decade of experience in the music industry, Andrew Ousley has worked with artists and organizations such as Lawrence Brownlee, Conrad Tao, Kevin Puts, Warner Music, On Site Opera and more. He has overseen the marketing, promotion, publicity and project management of fourteen #1 albums, from core classical to crossover to Fifty Shades of Grey – The Classical Album, and has built his company Unison Media into one of the the most highly-regarded publicity and marketing companies in the performing arts world.

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PR expert and entrepreneur Andrew Ousley shows us how we can clarify our story, define our brand, and better market ourselves and our music.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • PR
  • How the public perceives you
  • PR=Branding=Marketing
  • Controlling the story
  • Slicing up the kaleidoscopic totality of your being
  • PR is like dating
  • Being in the public eye
  • Slicing the personality of your brand
  • The difficulty of talking to two audiences
  • Make the story around your music feel momentous
  • The question you need to ask yourself
  • What a PR firm can do for you
  • PR lead time
  • Budgeting to hire a PR firm
  • PR vs Agents
  • Building a team


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