Ep 121-Andrew Lockington on The Space Between Us

Ep 121-Andrew Lockington on The Space Between Us

Andrew Lockington is a Canadian film score composer. He recently composed the score to the Warner Bros blockbuster San Andreas. Other credits include the Golden Globe nominated Frankie and Alice starring Halle Berry, Fox 2000’s Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, Newline’s Journey to the Center of the Earth, and the Tom Hanks produced City of Ember. Current releases include the epic STX film The Space Between Us and the critically acclaimed Netflix series Frontier starring Jason Momoa.

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Composer Andrew Lockington discusses splitting his time between Toronto and L.A., the power of long relationships to build a career, and his latest movie, The Space Between Us.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Mike Post
  • Splitting time between L.A. & Toronto
  • Showing the music to the director
  • Demoing the cue
  • The difference between trust with the director & trust with the producers
  • Always trust your gut
  • Triangle decision making process (Have to have at least two of the three, or it’s not worth it):
    • Money
    • Career
    • Fun
  • The Space Between Us
  • The long time line of projects
  • Temp music
  • Frontier on Netflix
  • Learn to write to picture
  • Make movies & tell stories visually
  • Just do it, don’t wait for permission
  • Hallelujah moment of serendipity


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