Ep 114-Nick Storr on Doing the Work

Ep 114-Nick Storr on Doing the Work

Nick Storr is a musician, sound designer and media composer based out of the Australian island state of Tasmania. He’s done sound design and music composition work for several TV series, shorts and documentaries. His most recent project was the animated television series “Fanshaw and Crudnut” – 52 twelve minute episodes plus a feature length telemovie – which wrapped production October 2016.

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Composer Nick Storr has taken a non-linear, and non-traditional path, to making his living as a composer. In this episode he discusses writing for media, the abundance of work available, and simply doing the work.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Saying yes and figuring the rest out later
  • The role of technology in the music business
  • Distance work
  • Having a niche
  • The abundance of work outside of major Hollywood productions
  • Building relationships
  • Package deals
  • Prepare yourself for the work
  • Do the work, don’t take it for granted
  • Nick’s portfolio
  • Prepare for work & do the homework
  • Be flexible
  • Be sensible with your money


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