Ep 90-Lisa Neher on Creating Your Own Projects

Ep 90-Lisa Neher on Creating Your Own Projects

Mezzo-soprano and composer Lisa Neher thrives in the crossroads of the concert hall and the theatre stage. Trained as a stage actress, her musical-theatrical fluency and passion for contemporary music have led to frequent premieres and new music engagements. Lisa’s compositions are shaped by her keen sense of dramatic timing and feature aching, lyrical phrases and energetic rhythmic motives. She launched the One Voice Project in 2015 to promote the creation of new works for unaccompanied voice.

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In this episode vocalist and composer Lisa Neher discusses the power of creating your own projects to take control of your career, especially after leaving school.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Transitioning to post-school life
  • Questioning the traditional path
  • Having a broad path
  • Worrying about what you can control
  • Networking
  • The One-Voice Project
  • Composing for unaccompanied voice
  • Building/designing your project
  • Knowing your audience & niche
  • Funding
  • Taking action
  • Providing value
  • Using the space


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