Ep 88-Shaya Lyon, Garrett Schumann, & Sara Noble on #Musochat

Ep 88-Shaya Lyon, Garrett Schumann, & Sara Noble on #Musochat

Shaya Layon #musochat

Shaya Lyon, co-founder of Musochat and founder and director of the Live Music Project, a non-profit organization that builds visibility for local orchestras and ensembles while connecting new and returning listeners with accessible musical experiences.

Garrett Schumann #musochatGarrett Schumann is a composer based in Ypsilanti, MI who serves as President and Artistic Director for ÆPEX Contemporary Performance, a concert presenting organization he founded with conductor Kevin Fitzgerald in the fall of 2015. Also a prolific writer and internationally-published music theorist, Garrett is lead archivist for Musochat, a weekly twitter discussion for anyone who creates, performs, or is interested in newly composed music.

Sara Noble #musochatSara Noble is a passionate supporter of new American classical music, as an administrator, producer, and performer based in NYC. Sara is currently the Company & Media Manager for the Chautauqua Opera Company and the Executive Producer for Opera on Tap New York (operaontap.org). As a performer, Sara has premiered works by Christian Carey, Martin Sedek, Elliot Cless, Blake Henson and Jon Magnussen.

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In this episode Musochat leaders Shaya Lyon and Garrett Schumann, along with super-contributor Sara Noble discuss the power of building online communities.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Shared experiences
  • Supporting each other
  • Twitter
  • Having all the voices present
  • Building collaboration through Twitter
  • Megan Ihnen
  • How #musochat works
  • Including non-musicians in the discussion
  • Not-geographically located
  • The benefit of #musochat to composers
  • Growing #musochat & adding value
  • Come to the discussion to learn, not to tell
  • The right and ability to respectfully disagree
  • It’s about personal experience
  • Volunteering and helping
  • New Music Gathering
  • Asynchronous communication


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