Ep 69-Victoria Bond on Essential Business for Composers

Ep 69-Victoria Bond on Essential Business for Composers

A major force in 21st century concert music, Victoria Bond leads a dual career as composer and conductor. Her compositions have been praised by the New York Times as “powerful, stylistically varied and technically demanding,” and her conducting has been called “impassioned” by the Wall Street Journal and “full of energy and fervor” by the New York Times.

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Composer and conductor Victoria Bond how important it is to understand the business of music.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • The arts as a viable career
  • The epiphany that you can make a living writing music
  • Choosing to be a composer
  • Learning to be an entrepreneur
  • Being organized
  • Being efficient with the use of time
  • Having projects in the pipeline
  • Bouncing between projects
  • Don’t go into overtime
  • Being on time
  • Not wasting musician’s time
  • Communicating to the orchestra through the conductor
  • Need to understand the business of music
  • Igor Stravinsky
  • The importance of websites
  • Being in touch with your inner animal


  • www.victoriabond.com

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