Ep 67-Michael J. Evans on Being Relevant and Socially Active

Ep 67-Michael J. Evans on Being Relevant and Socially Active

Michael J. Evans is an American composer based in Washington, D.C. He has recorded with the wonderful pianist Karolin Rojahn, as well as the Kiev Philharmonic, Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra, and the Moravian Philharmonic. He recently recorded his anti-concerto for Bassoon with the winner of the 66th Prague Spring International Music Competition, Jan Hudeček. His works are currently released on the Navona label of PARMA Recordings.

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Composer Michael J. Evans discusses being relevant to your audience and socially active as a composer.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Being relevant
  • Giving meaning to symbols
  • Having an effect on the world
  • The anti-concerto
  • Grief & depression
  • The artist’s role in society
  • Helping the audience understand new music
  • Free music and the race to the bottom
  • Post-capitalist society
  • The challenge of building an audience
  • Music is time consuming & expensive
  • The need for business classes
  • Don’t assume people are interested in your stuff
  • Find your niche


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