Ep 6-D. J. Sparr on Performing and Goal Setting

Ep 6-D. J. Sparr on Performing and Goal Setting

An accomplished composer and electric guitarist, D.J. Sparr has caught the attention of critics with his eclectic style, described as

“pop-Romantic… iridescent and wondrous” (Mercury News) and “suits the boundary erasing spirit of today’s new-music world” (New York Times). The Los Angeles Times praises him as “an excellent soloist” and the Santa Cruz Sentinel says that he “wowed an enthusiastic audience…Sparr’s guitar sang in a near-human voice.”

D. J. Sparr recently completed his tenure as the 2011-2014 Young American Composer-in-Residence with the California Symphony where his works were premiered by Nicholas McGegan, Donato Cabrera, and Robert Treviño. Recent premieres have been by the Washington National Opera, eighth blackbird, the Dayton Philharmonic, Richmond Symphony, and Hexnut. Sparr was awarded the $10,000 grand prize in the orchestra category of the BMG/Williams College National Young Composers Competition and has received awards and recognition from BMI, the American Music Center, Eastman School of Music, George Washington University, the League of Composers/ISCM, and New Music USA. A fast rising star, D.J. Sparr’s musical vision is bound to catapult him to the realm of indispensable American composers.

In this interview D. J. Sparr discusses the importance of composers to stay active as composers as well as goal setting for your whole life.



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