Ep 51-Greg Steinke on Being an Academic Composer

Ep 51-Greg Steinke on Being an Academic Composer

Dr. Greg A. Steinke is retired, former Joseph Naumes Endowed Chair of Music/Art and Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Marylhurst University, Marylhurst, Oregon; Associate Director, Ernest Bloch Music Festival (‘93–97) and Director, Composers Symposium (‘90–97) (Newport, OR); served as the National Chairman of the Society of Composers, Inc. (1988–97). Composer of chamber and symphonic music and author with published/recorded works and performances across the U. S. and internationally.


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Dr. Greg Steinke discusses what it takes to build a career in academia including conquering the job search.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Society of Composers, Inc.
  • Remaining open to all the opportunities that come
  • Competitions
  • Self-publishing
  • Creative process
  • Pursuing the academic track
  • Necessary soft skills
  • Job interview killers
  • Composition as theatre


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