Ep 43-Larry Edelson on Creating Your Own Opportunities

Ep 43-Larry Edelson on Creating Your Own Opportunities

Lawrence Edelson is highly respected as a visionary company leader who has created programs in the areas of new opera development that have served as models of innovation for opera companies around the country. Edelson is the founder of American Lyric Theater in NYC, where he oversees the Composer Librettist Development Program. In 2014, Edelson was appointed the new Artistic & General Director of Opera Saratoga, a position he now holds concurrently his position at ALT.

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In this episode Larry discusses the importance of creating your own opportunities as well as developing opera through collaboration.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Great operas don’t just happen
  • Building skills as a composer
  • Learning the conventions of opera
  • No set expectations for new opera
  • Collaboration with librettists
  • The Long Walk by Jeremy Howard Beck
  • David T. Little
  • Becoming a theatrical writer/director through music
  • The importance of learning to write for the voice
  • Knowing the opera repertoire
  • The Marriage of Figaro
  • Creating your own opportunities
  • Being open to discovery
  • Opera America
  • The value of references


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