Ep 40-Kim Diehnelt on Mastering Composing Through Conducting

Ep 40-Kim Diehnelt on Mastering Composing Through Conducting

Maestra Kim Diehnelt established her craft as conductor, composer, and artistic coach in both Finland and Switzerland. This year alone her compositions were performed in Chicago, New York City, and by the Rensselaer Concert Choir; she also completed a commissioned work for unaccompanied cello to pair with the Bach cello suites. Kim is currently a semi-finalist for the American Prize in composition in the professional orchestra category.


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In this episode Kim discusses how to master the skills of composition through conducting, and more!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Solving compositional problems
  • Coaching
  • Wine tasting approach to music
  • Learning to compose through conducting
  • Building a toolbox of techniques
  • Problems with the score
  • Orchestration issues
  • Priming the pump
  • Outsourcing
  • Building relationships with conductors and performers
  • Staying active in the field
  • “Go beyond your taste”—Boulanger


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