Ep 38-Dale Trumbore on Growing Your Career with Focus & Clarity

Ep 38-Dale Trumbore on Growing Your Career with Focus & Clarity

Dale’s compositions have been commissioned, awarded and performed by ensembles including ACME, Center City Opera Theater, Choral Arts Initiative, The Esoterics, Inscape Chamber Orchestra, the Maryland State Boychoir, New York Virtuoso Singers, The Singers – Minnesota Choral Artists, and VocalEssence. She is currently Composer in Residence for Nova Vocal Ensemble.

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In this episode Dale discusses how you should grow your career with focus and clarity.

Other topics discussed:

  • Everything that can go wrong will go wrong
  • Pressure to get things done quickly
  • There is no rush
  • Working with people you can trust
  • Dale’s Business Tips:
    • Get a contract
    • Give yourself time to succeed
    • Apply for everything you can
    • It’s OK to not know things
  • Reaching out to other composers
  • Dale Warland
  • Abbie Bettinis
  • Taking time off—doing nothing
  • Feeding yourself through non-musical activities
  • Music publishing


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