Ep 3-Nathan Kelly

Ep 3-Nathan Kelly

Nathan Kelly is an LA-based composer and orchestrator. He has studied and worked in nine artist residencies across the country and overseas as a Visiting Artist & Scholar at the American Academy in Rome, producing one hundred solo works for piano and a long list of orchestral, and chamber music pieces that strive to expand and experiment in different styles and techniques ranging from post minimalist to atonality to spectralism. Receiving special education courses from instructors at Juilliard and teachers such as Steven Stucky and Robert Beaser, his original works have been featured in festivals and concert performances with chamber ensembles, orchestras and special musical artists that have recently championed his music that continues to gain a wider audience and garner awards. His newest project, an opera, will premiere in Dallas in 2016 with an orchestra and special presentation the Opera America. Actively working in both commercial and academic circles, he continually produces fresh and invigorating new work in a tireless stream of productivity and rigorous deadlines.

In this interview Nathan Kelly discusses the importance of working hard and building a large body of work.


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