Ep 180-Liz Lawson on Being a Music Supervisor

Ep 180-Liz Lawson on Being a Music Supervisor

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Music supervisor Liz Lawson has helped shape the sound of over a dozen features and multiple seasons of both scripted and unscripted television. She recently wrapped CHRIS PAUL’S CHAPTER 3, a docuseries for ESPN featuring artists like Jay-Z, Andra Day, and Grammy nominated rapper Rapsody. Currently, she’s hard at work on the sixth season of VH1’s BLACK INK CREW, and features EAT BRAINS LOVE (Patrick Fabian, Jake Cannavale) and SUPPORT THE GIRLS (Regina Hall, Haley Lu Richardson).

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Music supervisor Liz Lawson discusses the ins and outs of music supervision, the need to learn how to market yourself, and why you should always send links.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • What a music supervisor is
  • Interpreting the producer and director’s words
  • Having a music background
  • Transitioning from PR to music supervision
  • Being a fan first
  • Marketing yourself
  • Getting in front of the right audience
  • Being organized
  • Production companies
  • Having a niche
  • Networking
  • Guild of Music Supervisors
  • Don’t request feedback
  • Knowing ownership of songs
  • Don’t add to the work!
  • Check your links
  • Include genre information in your email
  • Cue sheets
  • Pricing
  • Relationships


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This post contains affiliate links.