Currently the Resident Composer for the American Studio Orchestra, Jacob Yoffee is a Los Angeles-based composer writing primarily for Film, Television and Trailer Music projects.

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Composer Jacob Yoffee discusses how thinking like a music producer will give you a leg up when scoring trailers, films, and TV.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Trailer music
  • Writing on spec
  • Demo fees
  • Making the music sound real
  • Cutting through the competition
  • Writing to emotion & feel
  • Orchestration & music production
  • Don’t sound thin
  • Writing for the samples
  • Invest in the tools
  • Being a music major at Peabody
  • Difference between academia & media
  • John Corigliano
  • Behave as a business
  • Think like a music producer
  • Develop a team & network of musicians
  • Invest in yourself & your workplace


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