Ep 138-Timothy Andrew Edwards & Jon Mattox on Writing for TV, Libraries, & Trailers Pt 2

Ep 138-Timothy Andrew Edwards & Jon Mattox on Writing for TV, Libraries, & Trailers Pt 2

Timothy Andrew Edwards Tim Edwards Composeris one of the most diverse and accomplished composers working in entertainment today. With nearly 75 film & television credits to his name, his genre spanning oeuvre is a testament not only to the multiplicity of his skill, but the openness of his approach. Tim is also the Chair for the Production Music Association’s Composer Advisory Committee & the recent co-founder & Creative Director for Move Music LLC, an exciting new client & composer focused production music library.

Jon Mattox ComposerJon Mattox is a Los Angeles based composer, and his music and sound design have been featured in movie trailers, tv shows, films, games, and advertising. In addition to composing, Jon has had a wide range of experience and skills in the music industry which he credits to his success including: Studio musician, songwriter, music producer, sound designer, mixing engineer, record label owner, and virtual instrument builder (or as his wife Melinda calls it “Maker of of cool sounds”).

This episode was recorded at Jon’s Bright Orange Studios.

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Composers Timothy Andrew Edwards and Jon Mattox discuss composing for TV, music libraries, trailers, and how to think like a music supervisor. This is part 2 of 2.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Having your music in multiple libraries
  • Guerilla Film Scoring
  • Writing what you love to write
  • Don’t ask, “What do you need?”
  • Music libraries do not equal Muzak
  • Music editing is composing
  • Get educated and do research
  • Master the art of producing your tracks
  • Develop the engineering & mixing skills so your track sounds as good as possible
  • Sync rates & making money
  • Producing vs composing
  • The job of a composer is to make it more so
  • Using the tools that are available to you
  • Composers create program music & small worlds
  • Using your voice & contributing to the story
  • Stress brings out people’s true colors


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