Ep 134-Chris Bernotas on Selling On The Benefits

Ep 134-Chris Bernotas on Selling On The Benefits

Mr. Bernotas is published with Alfred Music Publishing, Daehn Publications, Wingert-Jones Publishing, Northeastern Music Publications, Carl Fischer Music, and others. His music has been performed at the Midwest Clinic and has appeared on J.W. Pepper’s Editor’s Choice list and numerous state lists. He is co-author of three books: Sound Innovations: Ensemble Development for Young, Intermediate and Advanced Concert Band. He has been teaching at Mountain Lakes High School in NJ for more than 20 yrs.

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Composer and educator Chris Bernotas discusses knowing your why and selling your music on its benefits rather than its features.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Questioning how the music works
  • Marching band & drum corps
  • Coming to composition through arranging & transcription
  • Grading of music
  • Filtering by having conversations
  • Selling your piece on its benefits
  • Simon Sinek
  • Come up with “I believe” statement
  • Pre-writing & post-writing
  • Write for all levels
  • Don’t write in just one style
  • Teaching composition is coaching someone along
  • Music business & music education live together
  • Pedagogy must drive product
  • Balancing the need to know the past with the future
  • Connecting with directors through conversations
  • Open up your ears to criticism
  • Be willing to work hard
  • Be persistent
  • Be flexible & adaptive


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