Below are a list of resources and tools for the composer. I hope you find them useful! If you have any suggestions for resources or tools that should be added to this page please use the contact form and let me know!

  • Web and Computer Resources and Tools: Every composer needs a website. You need a place to promote your work. Ideally, your domain would be, but occasionally it won’t be available. If that’s the case choose something easy to remember and clearly identifies you—this is not the place to be clever or witty.
    • IX Web Hosting This is the web hosting service I use and I highly recommend it. I’m currently hosting four domains through them and have used their services for almost ten years. All composers need a web site. This company will host WordPress sites ( is a Word Press site). You
    • Backblaze Almost 100% of composers in the Twenty-first century do at least a portion of their work, especially engraving, on their computer. This means you are always vulnerable to the loss of data. Backblaze works in the background and backups all your data, even an unlimited number of external hard drives. I’ve been using their service for several years and when my daughter splashed water onto our Macbook Pro and killed the logic board I instantly had access to all of our data through their website. You MUST backup your work or you are risking it all! Sign up now for a free trial.
    • WordPress WordPress is a website development platform that makes it extremely easy to build beautiful and functional websites. You do not need to know HTML or any other coding language. You can purchase a theme, but there are many wonderful free ones that can then be installed on your domain through your host.
    • themeforest Perhaps one of the best collections of premium WordPress themes and webpage designs on the internet. All my website themes and designs use designs or themes found on this site. If you want your webpage to stand out, be dynamic, and NOT look somebody else’s page, purchase a theme or design here. With eye-catching designs and themes starting at $3 you can’t go wrong.
    • RescueTime RescueTime is an incredible time management resource for computer users. It logs your usage and you can put limits on applications and websites. This is very helpful for limiting your email and social media time.



  • Performing Rights Organizations: It is absolutely critical that you join one of the performing rights organizations. This is the only way to ensure you receive royalty payments for performances of your work. There are three PROs in the United States.



  • Job Boards: Job boards for higher education and freelance gigs.
    • College Music Society: If you would like to teach in higher ed joining CMS gets you access to regional and national conferences and a subscription to the Music Vacancy List.
    • Elance Elance is fantastic resource for finding freelance gigs and for hiring freelancers (i.e for website design, etc.). It is entirely possible to make a great living as a freelance composer.


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