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The Portfolio Composer

Helping composers with the business end of writing music through mindset, marketing, and business skills.

The Philosophy and Reason

The Portfolio Composer believes that composers are self-employed small business owners. In order to succeed in getting our music in front of people who are interested in hearing it we need to know essential business skills such as marketing and networking. Building a successful career as a freelance composer is possible and thinking like an entrepreneur will help composers make a living writing music.

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The TPC Promise To You

The Portfolio Composer promises to deliver high-quality free content through the podcast and newsletter that will help you build your career as a composer. TPC wants its free content to be better than other people’s paid-for content. TPC also has online courses and Garrett is available for speaking and coaching.

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Podcast Reviews: I Love My Audience!.

The Portfolio Composer is fully dedicated to those who listen to the podcast and is here for you. Garrett wants to see you succeed as a composer and to help you build the career you dream of. Check out what some of the podcast listeners have said on iTunes!

“This podcast is an excellent resource for composers at all stages of their careers.”

“It is composers talking shop to other composers, addressing the issues that matter to our careers. It is so well thought out and executed—a total class act. Bravo to Garrett Hope for creating this much needed and well curated hub of knowledge for our community. – reeesm

What a wonderful way to use composers as resources for others!
Tina Davidson, composer
I think this is such innovative and important work. I love it. It really helps to have a composer asking questions to another composer.
Kurt Knecht, composer
If you have any interest in composing, song writing, or the process of music making from start to finish you need to subscribe to this podcast. It’s run by a wonderful composer and he has wonderful guests of the highest level.
Timothy Tharaldson, composer
By taking the time from his own life as a composer to offer the rest of us a window on how our peers work, Garrett is a truly wonderful musical citizen! Through the preparation he does for each interview, and the intelligence of the resulting conversations, Garrett has created a tremendous archive that will encourage and inspire countless music-makers. Thank you for this series, Garrett!
Alex Shapiro, composer
Garrett Hope’s series gives a wonderfully colorful and dynamic insight into the world of new music, featuring many important and diverse voices in the community today. A must-listen for anyone working within the field.
Maetstra | Maestro, composer
A wonderful podcast and a great resource!
mgnumes, composer
I don’t even know where to start describing how incredible and important this podcast is. As a podcast aficionado who already has a long playlist of my tried and true favorites, I didn’t anticipate this one completely knowing the others out of the water. In terms of helpfulness, this podcast is a must for composers today. Here are a few reasons I love the show:

*The consistent format serves to highlight the content, trends, and differences between each guest.

*The host, Garrett Hope, has ample experience as both a working composer and as someone who has spoken with hundreds of composers about their own career experiences, so he really knows what questions to ask and which subjects to delve into.

*Practical, specific recommendations. I leave almost every episode with at least one concrete thing I can tweak or try in my own practice, promotion, business, or approach otherwise. It’s not just BS, generic, arrogant sound bites from people not wanting to discuss the nitty gritty; the guests are great about giving valuable, honest perspectives.

*The guests span a pretty diverse range, and it’s great to see how different kinds of people of different ages and experience levels, with different interests, abilities, and dictates carve out their own careers. It’s not just a monolithic image of what a composer needs to be. There are also non-composer guests as well, which is helpful, because we composers obviously need to be aware of other colleagues (like performers)!

*Each episode really flies by. The episodes range from 30–60 minutes, but it’s always the most riveting, inspiring, thought-provoking hour of my day/drive.

Thanks for this wonderful gift you’re giving to the new music world!

Chrysanthe Tan, composer

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